The top level habitat package.

habitat is an application for tracking the flight path of high altitude balloons, relying on a network of users with radios sending in received telemetry strings which are parsed into position information and displayed on maps.

See http://habitat.habhub.org for more information.

habitat.parser Interpret incoming telemetry strings into useful telemetry data.
habitat.parser_daemon Run the Parser as a daemon connected to CouchDB’s _changes feed.
habitat.parser_modules Parser modules for specific protocols.
habitat.loadable_manager Load configured Python functions for later use elsewhere.
habitat.sensors Sensor function libraries.
habitat.filters Commonly required filters that are supplied with habitat.
habitat.uploader Python interface to document insertion into CouchDB.
habitat.utils Various utilities for general use by habitat.
habitat.views View functions for CouchDB with the couch-named-python view server, used by habitat related design documents.